2008 BRC Street Names

Now that I’ve seen other sites posting this info, I felt it was okay to share.  The street names for this year’s city have been announced!

The radial-streets are still numbered in the clock formation we are all familiar with. Center Camp at 6:00. Plazas at 9:00, 7:30, 4:30, and 3:30. Camping/placement areas end at 10:00 and 2:00. The Man at the center.

The concentric-streets begin at the Esplanade and thereafter go :

  • Esplanade
  • Allanté
  • Bonneville
  • Corvair
  • Dart
  • Edsel
  • Fairlane
  • Gremlin
  • Hummer
  • Impala
  • jeep
  • K-car

the “ring road” around Center Camp is “The Wheel”

registration complete!

That’s right!  DebaseCamp has officially registered as a theme camp for Burning Man 2008!  After a very successful meeting a few weeks ago, we hammered out the details for our camp plan and got it in just under the wire.  Our registration, as well as a nifty map of the camp layout are now in the capable hands of the wonderful Placement team!  We expect to hear back from them in early August with the details on where we are placed and when we are allowed to arrive.

This is definitely a milestone for those of us who have been to Black Rock City many times and only dreamed we would be our own theme camp someday.  A very special thanks going out to the Black Rock City Combat Club!  Without the addition of their awesome people and events, we may never have gotten off our asses and registered!  Watch for their updates here on debasecamp.com, as well as on their site.

Our first official planning meeting is coming up and the excitement is palpable!  Check back with us for a lot more updates as the countdown continues!

the burning blog


Burning Man has finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon!  Well, it seems they’ve simply consolidated many blogs in to one, but you can finally get great updates straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak).

There’s even a handy RSS feed!

The Latest Ticket Info

Low Income & Scholarship Tickets
Need a little extra help getting to the burn this year? Don’t forget about our Low Income and Scholarship Ticket Programs! We have made substantially more of these tickets available this year than there ever have been before, and we still have plenty of these discounted tickets available for those who qualify. To apply for either ticket program please read through the information on the ticket page and follow ALL the directions to a T! Deadline to apply is May 31, and the Ticket Minions will love you more if you don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Click here to learn more: http://tinyurl.com/3co2hl

Outlets Now Selling Tickets
Walk-in ticket outlet sales have begun! Tickets through our outlets are $295 a piece and require that you have cash (exact change), or a money order. Outlets cannot make change or accept credit cards. Please be prepared when you go to buy your tickets. Buying your ticket through one of our Walk-in ticket outlets is a great way to interact with our community, get your ticket in hand service-charge free, stock up on supplies to get ready for the playa, and support local burner-run businesses! All of our outlets’ information and hours can be found on the ticket page, please do not burden the outlets with phone calls. Tickets are available in our outlets through Friday, August 22, or until supplies run out. If an outlet stops selling tickets it will be posted on the ticket page immediately. That would be here: http://tinyurl.com/2ysq6g

Remember, friends, tickets are not being sold at our event site box office this year! Please help by reminding everyone you know that they need to be prepared and have their ticket in hand before they leave for the desert.

Basura Sagrada – 2008 Temple

Basura Sagrada - 2008 Temple

well folks, it is with an incredible amount of joy, anticipation and excitement (and not a little bit of trepidation at the daunting task ahead!) that we make our plans for this year’s temple public. We are extremely humbled by this opportunity and hope to create a temple worthy of the name. The responsibilities that come with a project like this are incredible, but we feel up to the task. Burning Man has been generous in their support of this project, and yet we know that it will take much more to realize the vision. If this is truly to be a temple for the community, then we need your help to make it happen. More than that, we want you to be involved!


oh, and before you ask: yes, it will burn on sunday in the usual spot!

World Pillow Fight Day

On Saturday March 22nd 2008, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!

Pillow Fight
Photo by Dave Schumaker via Flickr

BYOP(illow) to Pershing Square on Saturday afternoon, March 22nd because it’s time to have some fun. It’s World Pillow Fight Day and the LA Burners are hosting the downtown, transit accessible, event. And yes, there are rules:

  • Soft pillows only!
  • Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
  • Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
  • Remove glasses beforehand!
  • Wait until the signal to begin.

The event, which is more fun with feathers, is free and they say appropriate for all ages

Burnal Equinox 2008 Flambe Lounge

Whispered Dream: BURNAL EQUINOX 2008 Flambe Lounge!
March 8, 2008 – 8PM-4AM – 21+ w/ID
At: The Whisper Ultra Lounge
535 Florida St., between 18th St. and Mariposa St. SF
$15 Playa finery; $25 Street clothes
21+ over
Happy Hour Drink Specials from 8p-10p with early bird treats!
Food service available Whisper’s Back Room Bistro!
No ins and outs at this venue. Come early; stay late!

Shouting Fire – Burning Radio

Shouting Fire

Shouting Fire is a year-round platform for sound and vision that engages and amplifies the ethos of Black Rock City. Art, politics, and activism. Music, news, and interviews. Intentional noise from our enclaves around the world, noise to connect you to those you already know–and to those you didn’t know you were waiting to meet.