The Latest Ticket Info

Low Income & Scholarship Tickets
Need a little extra help getting to the burn this year? Don’t forget about our Low Income and Scholarship Ticket Programs! We have made substantially more of these tickets available this year than there ever have been before, and we still have plenty of these discounted tickets available for those who qualify. To apply for either ticket program please read through the information on the ticket page and follow ALL the directions to a T! Deadline to apply is May 31, and the Ticket Minions will love you more if you don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Click here to learn more:

Outlets Now Selling Tickets
Walk-in ticket outlet sales have begun! Tickets through our outlets are $295 a piece and require that you have cash (exact change), or a money order. Outlets cannot make change or accept credit cards. Please be prepared when you go to buy your tickets. Buying your ticket through one of our Walk-in ticket outlets is a great way to interact with our community, get your ticket in hand service-charge free, stock up on supplies to get ready for the playa, and support local burner-run businesses! All of our outlets’ information and hours can be found on the ticket page, please do not burden the outlets with phone calls. Tickets are available in our outlets through Friday, August 22, or until supplies run out. If an outlet stops selling tickets it will be posted on the ticket page immediately. That would be here:

Remember, friends, tickets are not being sold at our event site box office this year! Please help by reminding everyone you know that they need to be prepared and have their ticket in hand before they leave for the desert.