registration complete!

That’s right!  DebaseCamp has officially registered as a theme camp for Burning Man 2008!  After a very successful meeting a few weeks ago, we hammered out the details for our camp plan and got it in just under the wire.  Our registration, as well as a nifty map of the camp layout are now in the capable hands of the wonderful Placement team!  We expect to hear back from them in early August with the details on where we are placed and when we are allowed to arrive.

This is definitely a milestone for those of us who have been to Black Rock City many times and only dreamed we would be our own theme camp someday.  A very special thanks going out to the Black Rock City Combat Club!  Without the addition of their awesome people and events, we may never have gotten off our asses and registered!  Watch for their updates here on, as well as on their site.

Our first official planning meeting is coming up and the excitement is palpable!  Check back with us for a lot more updates as the countdown continues!