almost ready!

Things are really starting to heat up with Debase Camp!  We’re in the final stretch, as 4 of us will be leaving for the playa in 7 days!  We got our Early Arrival passes on Wednesday and we’re pretty excited to get there already!

Since we last updated, Spicy has really gone above and beyond with adding new Events to the Combat Club schedule.  These include Mixed Martial Arts, Knife Fighting and — JUST ADDED — a blend of Martial Arts and Fire Spinning!

As you may have seen, we just posted our promotional spot for BMIR!  This is new territory for us, as we were nervous enough about all the events in camp!  But, we’re so thrilled that we’ll be getting even more exposure from this commercial.  Not to mention The Mayor’s dulcet tones being heard on the airwaves of BRC.

Our resident Yogi, Sat Sangeet has also been preparing for our morning Kindalini Yoga sessions.  So, get ready to get your spirituality on!

You can see a full  list of our events in our wiki.  But, be sure to come by Debase Camp and check our posted schedule for even more events and randomness throughout the week.

We’re almost ready for the Playa, are you?!