2008 Art Theme

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And so from hour to hour we ripe and ripe,
And then from hour to hour we rot and rot;
And thereby hangs a tale.
– William Shakespeare, As You Like It

This year’s art theme is about nationality, identity and the nature of patriotism. One species of the patriotic urge conflates the nation state with mass identity. Governments, as actors on a worldwide stage, become a surrogate for self, a vast projection of collective ego. And yet, there is another type of patriotic feeling that attaches us to place and people, to a home and its culture. Both these feeling states (and their attendant ironies) are relevant to this year’s theme.

In 2008, leave narrow and exclusive ideologies at home; forget the blue states and the red; let parties, factions and divisive issues fall away, and carefully consider your immediate experience. What has America achieved that you admire? What has it done or failed to do that fills you with dismay? What is laudatory? What is ludicrous? Put blame aside, let humor thrive, and dare to contemplate a larger question: What can America, this stumbling, roused, half-conscious giant, still contribute to the world?

2008 Pavilion

Obelisk with cutaway view of interior.
Design by Rod Garrett and Larry Harvey. Illustration by Jack Haye and Rod Garrett.

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New for 2008: There will be NO ticket sales at the event gate! You must purchase your tickets before arriving. SRSLY folks. NO GATE SALES.


Did you know that the first 10,000 tickets are sold at below the cost per person to produce the event?

Please help our community and do your part: buy tickets at the highest price level you can afford. When you buy a higher priced ticket it allows lower-income members of our community to purchase tickets at price levels they can afford.

First Level:
$210 tickets are SOLD OUT!

  • Limit 2 tickets per person
  • Available through the Internet sales ONLY

Second Level:
$225 tickets are SOLD OUT!

  • Limit 2 tickets per person
  • Available through the Internet sales and Mail Order

Third Level:
$250 tickets are SOLD OUT!

  • AVAILABLE THROUGH MAIL ORDER (cashier’s check or money order ONLY – NO CHECKS)
  • Also available through Internet Sales

Fourth Level:
All tickets are now $295, while supplies last

  • Available through the Internet Sales, Mail Order, and Walk-in Outlets
  • Absolutely No Mail Order sales postmarked after 6/30/08.

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